Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dear Intercessor by Angie Valli

Dear Intercessor,

Hope for me.
When I have nothing left and cannot go on.

Hope for me.
That I might remember what it feels like to be hopeful.

When I am depleted and dry,
When I am drowning and drunk,
BE my strength and remember my good.
Wish I could be better,
Know that I can.

Hold me 
Because I am heavy-
In my heart
In my head

And I am dying-
In this scotch
In this pipe
In my sin

Pray for me
And let me sleep on the wings of your faith
So I can be close to God in this moment.

Don’t let me go
It is lonely in the dark
And I have no hope for myself.
Let me borrow from you.
Strengthen me with your will
So I can be strong and safe.

Speak for me
When I have no words
That I might believe-
In myself
In Love
In second chances

Note from Angie:
I would not be where I am today if there had not been people who have spent countless hours speaking to God on my behalf. It is because of God’s love and their love and obedience to Him that I am even alive. Intercessory prayer is no joke. Sometimes people can’t speak for themselves or don’t know how. When we pray for others, we not only speak for them, we hope for them. We show them what hope looks like and this is important because some people have never seen it. I pray that my faith is strong and plentiful because there may be some who need to lean on it as I have leaned on the faith of others.

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