Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Malden Reads Kickoff Celebration

 Last year I didn't even know what it Malden Reads was, but since getting involved a few months ago I've become all about it.  I can hardly wait to see who shows up to the Opening Celebration tomorrow night, to discuss the book and of course to draw a winner for this blog's Malden Read's book giveaway!  Here is some information that I wish I'd read 4 years ago when the program began:

"All are invited to Opening Celebration 

The entire city is invited to enjoy an evening of culture and community 
at the Malden Reads 2014 Opening Celebration 

The free event will bring a mix of food, exhibits and music 
to the library’s historic and elegant Converse Memorial Building.

Now in its fourth year, Malden Reads is a grassroots program that seeks to build community through the shared experience of reading a good book and exploring its themes together.

Malden Reads will host a series of literary-themed events this winter
and program co-facilitator Anne D’Urso-Rose said 
the Opening Celebration is a great time to connect with the program and get involved.
“It’s really a wonderful night of community,” she said. “The historic wing of the library is such a beautiful setting and we always have a great turnout. People have the opportunity to meet their neighbors and friends, learn about this year’s book, and connect with some of the community groups that do such great work here in Malden. It really does tie together the two main goals of Malden Reads, which are to promote reading and build community.”

The featured selection of Malden Reads 2014 is "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks." 
Written by science journalist Rebecca Skloot,
 it’s the true story of a woman whose unique cells revolutionized medical science, 
even though the donor—who died of cancer 60 years ago-- was essentially forgotten by the health industry.
Major themes of the book include economic injustice, ethics of modern medicine, and extraordinary contributions from seemingly ordinary people. 

 In addition to learning more about the featured selection, guests at the opening celebration are invited to: 

• Enjoy food samplings from local restaurants, desserts, and soft drinks.

• A special presentation in the Ryder Gallery that will be hosted by City Council President Neal Anderson and will feature a dramatic interpretation from the book by Malden High School drama students
There will also be musical performances and readings from the book.  

• View exhibit tables from local community groups that related to the themes of the book and tie into the flavor of Malden’s own community.

• Take a guided tour of the beautiful historic wing of the library.

• Obtain information about the Malden Reads program
including the newly printed Calendar of Events brochure and fliers for upcoming events and programs.

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