Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Can't Pay the Rent - Anna Paddock © 2012

Today's entry is a lyric called "Can't Pay The Rent".  This is a 98% true story.  When times are tough in the city, I really do recommending living in a convent!

Can't Pay the Rent - Anna Paddock © 2012

Here's the situation, I was walking through Hell's Kitchen
I didn't have a cent, I couldn't pay my rent
So I was praying and thinking of where I could live
When I spotted a convent, and I thought
Maybe the sisters will let me in

Breakfast is at seven, wasting food's a sin
Curfew's at eleven, Sister Hilda lets you in
Bedroom's got a window, but keep those curtains closed
Workers 'cross the street shouldn't see you changing clothes

Well this will suit me perfectly, where's the dotted line
I'll try to follow all your rules, just show me where to sign
No, I wasn't raised Catholic, but I'll say the rosary
Long as I don't gotta take a vow of celibacy

But I can't pay the rent, so I moved to the convent!

Bike goes in the courtyard, keep your music down
Alcohol's forbidden, no cigarettes allowed
No one in your bedroom, always lock your door
Stay on floors 1 thru 3, don't ever wander up to 4

I wasn't used to all the rules, I needed an escape
Found a piano in the basement, a Steinway
I'd practice every morning, but the sisters like TV
Fuzzy soap operas compete with the piano and me

But I can't pay the rent, so I chose to stay in the convent!

But you see I've got a problem, cause I really love this guy
He lives just down 10th avenue, I bike there every night
Curfews are a nuisance, he quickly takes the hint
Buys a diamond ring and asks me to marry him

Still don't have a cent, but I got someone to pay the rent, so I moved out of the convent

But if you don't have a cent, you're a city girl with a gent, and you can't pay the rent
Go on and move to the convent!!!

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