Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A New Year, A New Start

It has been so long since I wrote on here, I feel almost like a guest blogger.  So, I picked a Wednesday to return.  Please forgive me if I drop off the earth again...I am scheduled to have a baby sometime in the next two months and based on the last two it really could be ANY time.  

But felt I should get back into the habit because I have the honor of contributing to two online publications that I am very excited about!

The first is entitled Faith InForm.  

Here’s a brief introduction from the editor and our intrepid leader, Simon Wha:

“The Faith InForm bloggers are a group of friends who have a deep desire to see young adults be transformed by the Gospel in mind, heart and deed. Our bloggers are committed to writing content that draws from their faith, the bible and their personal experiences. We hope this is helpful in informing the faith of our readers. The writing they do for Faith InForm comes from a love for blogging, a heart for people and their own time and energy. They come from all walks of life including but not limited to husbands and wives, moms and dads, pastors and working professionals.”

(He’s not joking when he says it’s an eclectic group.  I picture this as our musings on our faith since we went off the script.  You know, started making decisions for ourselves, tried to figure out what makes me...well, me and started to search for how in the world we find meaning in this crazy world .  Anyway, I look forward to the result.)

The second publication I am thrilled to be included in is already an established entity entitled: The Prodigal Chair. 
I love this site.  I love the name.  I love the art work. I love the variety of submissions.  Here is a more succinct description from the fabulous editor Thomas Guzzio, 

So what do I have in mind? My goal with Prodigal’s Chair is simple: to take small steps towards understanding large topics like love, race, sports, economic justice, abortion, music, the environment, war. The essence of Prodigal’s Chair will involve looking past the topic in order to create discourse between the people in and around them. My hope is to let this discussion occur in abstract and concrete ways. There will be a variety of art, poetry, essays, fiction, music, statistics, and links all dictated by the topic. This site will essentially be an online magazine, with the goal of having a mix of voices and perspectives. Aside from that, there will be no judgment, no strings attached.”  

Please visit the site and read his whole vision statement and reasoning behind the name, it’s deep.  

Finally, I felt it was time to write because I miss all you readers.  I miss sitting down to think and the conversations that spark from these random thoughts I think. Thank you for bearing with me during this crazy season of life.