Monday, March 10, 2014

The Man who Collects Hugs n' Bugs

Part Three .....

The pause after my confession of love knocked the wind out of me.  I grabbed onto the crazy quilt on my bed steadying myself for whatever may come.  I caught a glimpse of myself making ridiculous, “You are killing me!” faces in the mirror.  

“ Well..... That’s good because I like you too.”  I could hear him smile.  I mean not literally but he has this amazing voice that can pull emotions up onto your face.  

I think it was my eye for high fashion that won him over:)
Those words were like a shot of caffeine straight to my bloodstream.  I fell back into my pillow miming a scream of delight and disbelief to an imaginary audience. I wanted to hear more, more about how he felt, about us, about why he went on a date with another girl.  But I let it go.  It was 3 am after all and I was supposed to wake up in 2 hours to run the camp, well co-lead it, thank God.  I just smiled right back into the phone.  

“Well, that is good.” I replied  

The goodbye exchange after that was awkward no denying it.  Neither of us was really ready to sign off with “I love you” yet.  Okay I probably was, but it would have been a tad premature. So we stammered one million, “okay talk to you soon”s, “have a good night”, “yah, call me tomorrow”, “okay great”, “yup,”  ..and so on until hanging up was inevitable.  
And for the rest of the summer we returned to our respective summertime activities... I, to making lists in my parent's basement (see above.) And he to collecting Hugs N' Bugs on the houseboat (see below).  We talked every night until we fell asleep.  Little did I know, the best  was yet to come.  

The man, the myth, the legend 

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