Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In praise of a face and two hands by J.R. Dietrich

My problem with the digital clock is it’s existential nature.  It sees itself fixed in each moment without regard to that moment that lives ahead or behind.  On the good old dial style analog clock one can see at any moment relationships between the marks upon the face.  Half past, quarter til, high noon, five after.  These establish us in relation to other moments.  We are not isolated but in community. And best of all we can anticipate.  

We understand our time, our moments and hours by the company our hands keep.  The glowing readout on the digital clock stands alone and worst of all when the power goes out he flashes off an on at noon or midnight… caught between the day and night in a pulsating panic, crying out to be renumbered, unable to move on.   

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