Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Guest Blogger: The Pioneer Woman (I wish...)

It was all set.  I was going to meet Ree Drummond, THE Pioneer Woman!   My husband to be home early which is no small feat.  I withdrew the exact amount of cash needed for her most affordable book. I plotted different tactics to convince her that we were kindred spirits and she should take me under her wing and then introduce me to the world of writing and fame.  I knew I would only have a minute as she was signing the book so I practiced witty banter with my 2 year old just so I wouldn’t sound totally like  nut case.  My friend and I navigated the most expedient way to get downtown from here. 

And then, the book signing was canceled.  

Ok, I’ll admit there were good reasons:

Reason #1  Game 6 of the World Series is taking place at Fenway Park a mere T stop away from where Ree was scheduled to be.  In case you have never been to Boston during a Red Sox me it is total insanity.  And if we win tonight for the first time at home in almost 100 years...well, notice how I said we....and I’m not even close to the caliber fan of our 80 plus year old land lady who watches every game, including Sox in Two (which is the same game just aired again for a second time the next day.) Bostonians eat, sleep and breath baseball in October.  

Reason #2  President Obama is in town.  He is following in the footsteps of old school presidents aplenty by appearing at Faneuil Hall and speaking to the public about Healthcare. I am not sure what his PR person hopes to accomplish since we in Boston have had Mass Health for more than 5 years and I’m not the first one to notice the striking similarities between our Healthcare and Obamacare.  I mean in Boston, government healthcare is so 2008.  But it’s still very thrilling to have the President of The United States visit our city.  

This is the look I think the President would have given me
had I been in attendance today.
Reason #3 It’s just not safe here.  Seriously, this year has not been a cake walk for law enforcement in Boston.  

“It's all quite a challenge for outgoing Boston police commissioner Edward F. Davis, whose last day on the job is Friday.
"The World Series, a visit from the president and Halloween all at the same time," he told The Boston Globe. "You  can't make this stuff up."

An unnamed police department source told The Globe that preparations are being made in case the president decides to close his night at Fenway, but the official added that "we hope he doesn't." (

I’ll leave it there because three reasons just feels right.  All that to say that Ree Drummond will likely not be guest posting on this blog despite my big dreams about convincing her to do so. But, I do recommend her new holiday cook book and her hilarious blog.  

Also, let me take this opportunity to say that yes, I too “love that dirty water” and there is no place in the world I’d rather be today.  

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  1. Nice blog... Good reasons for a postponement...watching the game now.