Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Guest Blogger: Princesa Harpinha (well...sort of)

Since writing the “Make Good Choices” post I have been trying to picture my daughter amidst the twelve disciples. 

At 7 months old, she is still in the formative stages of childhood but given what I know of her thus far I imagine she would be:
~Vocal (her cry/ scream is deafening) 
~Persistent (she don’t stop till she gets enough)
~Uninhibited (doesn’t matter if we are in a store, at a park, on a 2 hour car ride. She keeps it real) 

I wonder if Christ wants me to be like that too.  Sometimes I feel like I have to be so formal and polite in my prayers so as not to offend him.  I try so hard to be responsible and mature.  

However, I do hold the belief that God is all knowing so it is pretty irrational of me to try and show him only my “good side” .  

So how are we childlike without being childish?  
Well, in the case of Princesa Harpinha:

She is just as vocal about her joy as she is her frustrations.

She get’s over things quickly.  She does not begrudge me or my husband or her brother any discomfort, hunger or exhaustion that she experiences.  When she feels better it’s done...she doesn’t analyze it to death.  

She is without guile.  She is not trying to trick me, double cross me, or take advantage of me.  She is beautifully honest (if not articulate) about her needs.

So, upon further thought, yup...I do think that God wants us to be like that.  

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  1. The princess has great promise as a the post