Monday, August 3, 2015

I'm back...again

Coming up with the title of this post was tough because I have had so many starts and stops I kind of feel bad hating on the fifth or sixth iteration of a movie, book or device because I worry I am turning into that: KD returns, KD Part IV, KD 6S... Anyway, here is where I am at... I wrote an email, many of you hopefully received it.  If not I am extending it to you now: 
  Dear friends, acquaintances and casual readers of all sorts.,
                 I have been on a sort maternity leave* from writing but I think it’s time I dive back in.  I’m so grateful for the way you have all supported me. Even a single click on this page boosts my confidence as a writer so if it was an accident, it was a happy one for me:)  I could not keep this blog alive without readers and guest bloggers.  I love the variety of talent that I get to post here: photographs, lyrics, slices of life, random thoughts, short stories, essays...All of it brings me great joy. 

 So please, I’m asking for your feedback either here in the comments or on the Facebook page...

  1. Would you be willing to be a guest? 
  2. What would you like to see more of one this blog as we restart?  

My touchstone for Penned but Not Published has always been HOPE.  It is my hope and dream to be published but JOY is equally important to me and if the ink never stamps my name onto a “real book” this writing journey will have been fruitful nonetheless.  

*In case you were curious where I have been the past year or so here is the short version.  I got very very ill with hyper-emesis during my pregnancy(yes, the same illness as the Princess/ Dutchess Kate Middleton but so much less glamorous)  with my third baby.  My friends and family picked me up and carried me through those 9 months.  I literally (and I hate when that is over or I say it with confidence and flare...) would not have made it without them, well without you all (most likely).  And then, after multiple trips to the ER, several rounds of rehydration, countless doctor’s visits (to which I had to be driven), and in the midst of yet another insane snowstorm my youngest was born.   Here she is.  She is small, very small, but worth every moment of discomfort and pain it took to bring her here. (I hope you all agree, especially those of you who cleaned my house, drove me, helped me walk, and watched my other kids) 

So cheers to Hadley Olive.  I love her and hope you will too (in a non-creepy, we love to read about all her cute milestones, sort of way).  


  1. Love Hadley Olive!!! So absolutely worth it! And I'm glad you're back to writing - I'm here to read! :)

  2. Katie, just knowing you are reading makes me smile. I am so grateful for you! You have blessed my life every step and stage of the way. Merci Beaucoup:)

  3. Hi Katie!!
    Lynn shared your blog with me - LOVE IT!!
    Hadley is looking SO adorable!!!!
    Really enjoy your blog,
    Sam Abbott

  4. Hi Sam, Thank you SO much! I'm hoping to have Lynn as a guest blogger/photographer! Let me know if you are interested too:) I am always so happy to hear from you.