Sunday, May 31, 2015

Katie Noel Parsons May

So, today at midnight (or tomorrow morning technically) my first writing piece in ages goes live on The Prodigal Chair.  I am SO nervous- not just because I haven’t written in a while.  I am happy to end that silent streak.  

No, I am nervous because I wrote about my dearest friend Katie Noel Parsons and it was hard.  I haven’t written about her in the 4 years since we last spoke.  I’ve wanted to.... but it seemed too sacred a subject.  I’m still convinced I didn’t get it quite right.  I didn’t do justice to the way she changed my life forever.  

I am nervous because there are so many of you who knew her longer or better.  Please forgive my inadequacies, I think that she would.  She saw the best in everyone she met. I miss her every day.    

The good news is that I got to go through tons of old journals and emails that made me laugh over our many escapades.  I got to re-view her memorial (I used a photo from it I hope that is okay.)  I got to read her obituary which I had never done.  My favorite line was ... “Canoes will be gathering in Redfish Lake, Idaho to candles being lit  in Chernovtsky, Ukraine.”  She changed the whole world.  

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