Monday, May 26, 2014

Count Down

My husbands' return from the West Coast is mere hours away.  I'm not sure if the kids or I are more amped up with anticipation and excitement.  He's been gone too long.  It has made me very glad that his work does not require him to travel on a regular basis.  Here are the top 10 things I have missed most:
10. The sound of him and James playing "Goliath of Gath" while I bathe Scout.
9.  His guidance in the kitchen...our menu this week has been bland to put it nicely.
8.  The treats and necessities he picks up on his way home from work.  He rarely comes home empty handed and it is the highlight of our day when he walks in the door.
7. Watching the UEFA champions cup with him.  Nobody gets behind European soccer like he does, except maybe europeans.
6.  His inquisitive nature and constant wealth of new information.  He knows so much about so many things.  It always makes for a good dinner conversation.
5.  They way he makes Scout laugh.  She laughs for me too but there is this giddy hilarity that she saves only for her daddy.
4.  His ability to help me lighten up and take myself less seriously.  He helps me admit that yes, my son's impromptu hair washing in the sink might be just a little funny.  Whereas on my own I only see a mess I have to clean and miss the joy that's there.
3.  The stories he tells about people watching or work that make me laugh even now as I recall them.
2. His common sense.  I find that I do far fewer foolish things when he is around.  I miss that!
1. Working together as a team. He is truly my better half and I can not wait till he is back here with me.

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