Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Braids and Being by Jane Dietrich

The opening reception for my sister’s art show was last Saturday and it was truly amazing.  Here are some pictures of her sculptures and the inspiration behind them:

These three works were inspired by my studies this past summer in Salzburg, Austria. I traveled to many churches and historic sites; in each I saw how clearly art was used as a means to worship God. Moved by what I saw, I chose to focus on representing the Trinity for this project. 

These pieces are abstractions of braided forms to show how the Trinity comes together as three Persons in one Being. In these three sculptures I abstracted the braid to represent how humans can never fully know God. Each piece is also inspired by the movements of dancers to convey the communion of the three persons of the Trinity coming together in various ways. While working I kept in mind the symbols the Church often uses to represent the Trinity as well such as waves, fire, birds, and trees. 
I used marble sculpture for my project because the carving process beautifully represents how God refines humans. The idea of what the piece will look like when finalized changes dozens of times throughout the process. But, with each change came a more balanced product. As the sculpture neared completion, the veining came out and showed a greater intricacy that contributed to the beauty of the created form. The natural complexity of the veining and hand-created form brought a depth to the work that fittingly shows how we relate to the Trinity.

For further information about Jane’s work please contact me via the pennedbutnotpublished facebook page.  

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