Monday, June 2, 2014

Date night

In theory, my husband and I have no excuse for going so long without a date night.  We have the best neighbors in the world whose kids we can watch one night and then they watch ours another.  This is crucial because the kids are with people we love and trust and we don’t have the expense of a babysitter (I should know,  babysitting was my main source of cash flow from middle school through college.)   These saintly friends even watch our kids when we fail to uphold our end of the date night trade.  

I’m all about the date night because in my mind and according to my definition it is comprised of several things that I love:
1. Routine
2. Deep though-provoking conversation. 
3. My husband 

Some date ideas I always offer as options are:
  1. Both reading a book silently and then discussing what we read
  2. Reading a book out loud to each other and discussing it
  3. Listening to a book on tape and then discussing it. 

However for my free spirited love of my life
I’ve realized even the components that I consider mandatory to make a “successful date night” are not the same as his.  He values:
1. Spontaneity 
2. Laughter
3. Me 

His ideas for date night are usually
  1. Watching a movie
  2. Go out to eat at a new place
  3. Making Rice Krispy treats and then eating them while we watch TV.

Here are the things we both love:
1. Sports
2. Being outdoors
3. Good food
4. Eclectic music
5. Each other

And so I consider our day at Fenway a huge success!  
  1. The Red Sox won
  2. We got to walk around Boston before and after the game.
  3. We sat beside each other uninterrupted by chores or work for 9 whole innings.
  4. Fenway Franks, Hot Pretzels, Corn dogs and Ice Cream...what is not to love?  
  5. The time away made us miss our kids and the level of exuberance in their eyes when we came home (and presented them with a new baseball hat) was half ridiculous and mostly priceless.

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