Monday, December 30, 2013

30th Birthday Update

Remember how I was apprehensive about my 30th birthday? I needn’t have been.  In fact, it was so amazing that I’ve devoted this post to a photo journal of the day.  Thank you all so much for your love and friendship!  You have made this not only a wonderful day but a wonderful year!  

Breakfast at my favorite diner with my best friends in the world!
Yup, I ordered a hot chocolate with extra whipped cream.
I know it's just swiss miss and ready whip but the diner setting somehow makes it magical.
Oh and I got corned beef hash because that's how I roll:)

These goofy guys:)

I LOVE my presents!!!  Can you tell?

First time skating for the little man.

Wherever we go it's a party.  The ice rink is no exception.

An epic game of pillow polo to top off the insanity.
If you don't know what pillow polo is
you probably didn't go to a small Christian school in the middle of nowhere...
it's basically floor hockey with oversized American Gladiator sticks.  

The best ice cream cake ever!
I didn't even make a wish, I just thanked God for so many blessings.    
And in case you were worried that people didn't take my requests for GIFTs and DAREs seriously please watch this video of my sister giving high fives to total strangers.  (Unfortunately, I can't seem to upload the video of my other sister's interpretive ice dance...several people stopped to watch and ask if she was being serious. She kept her game face on even when she slid across the ice on one knee with arms wide open. ) and if anyone has the photo of my mom with toilet paper hanging out of her pants, please post that because there is no doubt that she wins for gutsiest DARE.

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