Sunday, May 9, 2010

A letter to my mom

It really is wonderful that there is a day set aside for us to think about the women who brought us into the world and who made us who we are today. It's incredible to think of how intricately our lives are woven together with theirs. On days like today, I try to step back and pay attention to the love, sacrifice, support, encouragement and prayers that my mom gave so willingly. I am always amazed. Here is a small tribute to my mom.

Dear Mom,
Happy Mother’s Day! I wish I was spending it with you in person, but I thought I’d write you a letter to let you know how grateful I am for you. On Mother’s Day, I always think of your courage and patience. My image of you will forever be as a hero standing in my corner, cheering for me even when the odds were not in my favor.
As a teacher I see so clearly what a difference a caring mother can make and I have begun to realize the big and the small things that you did to change my life for the better. Here are a few that come readily to mind:
You cared about my education. You spent hours reading to me. You volunteered at school. You baked cupcakes and cakes for my birthdays. You listened to all my stories. You taught me how to celebrate even small accomplishments. You treasured my art projects. You taught me to sing. You modeled generosity and charity. You prayed with me about everything.
So, here are my sincerest thanks, my deepest appreciation and my greatest gratitude for you as my mother.
All my love,

To my readers:
Who influenced you life in a major way? Was it your mom? Was it a grandmother? A teacher? I’d love to hear about all the great women who have shaped our lives in unique ways.


  1. Kate,
    That's a pretty nice tribute to your mom, and one I know she'll be delighted with. What mother doesn't love to hear that she's done a good job?

    My mom and her sister, who I think of as my Other Mother, were the biggest influences in my life. My mother gave me unconditional love, her time and attention, her concern, and her absolute belief in me. My aunt loved me as much as her own children - at least it felt like that and still does. Now that my mother is gone, my aunt has become even more important to me.

    My daughter is now, at 24, someone who influences me and who I learn from. She has helped me to become better at being both a mother and a person.

  2. Thanks for this wonderful post. you made Mom cry.

  3. Deborah,
    Thanks for sharing about your mom, your aunt and your daughter. It really makes all the difference to have women in our corner believing in us and loving us. Your mom sounds like she was incredible and your aunt as well. It's also encouraging to hear that your daughter influences you in such positive ways. What a wonderful relationship.
    Thanks again for your insight.