Sunday, May 30, 2010


This is my fortieth post. In keeping with my obsessive tendencies, I'm glad that it's a multiple of ten because that makes my mind easier about writing the post I am about to compose... my last post for a while.

As you may have gleaned from my last few posts I have been caught up in an incredibly busy season, between teaching, graduate school and other wonderful opportunities to volunteer and learn I have negligible time to write. So, I have to admit some bad habits I've gotten into, and I apologize for them in advance:

#1 I have thrown together my posts. They have recently been almost streams of consciousness off the top of my head, which have their place but are not what I originally intended for the blog.
#2 I have neglected reading and commenting on other's blog which I usually cherish reading and pondering. I believe blogging should never be one sided and I have not had the time to reach out like I've wanted to.
#3 I have been dreading writing rather than eagerly anticipating it. Maybe it is the lack of time, maybe it is my knowledge that I am posting rough sketches and ideas instead of something I am proud of. Either way, I do not have the same joy about blogging as I did at first.

Considering all of this, I have decided to take a hiatus from the blog for a while. I am not sure how long but I don't think it will be forever. I think this will have some wonderful benefits, since I will have time to slow down and think, listen and create under no deadlines. Still, I know I will miss the community that has formed here. I treasure all of the comments I have received and as I think over the last few months of blogging the following benefits have sprung to mind:

#1 The wonderful friends I have met and the loved ones I have reconnected with. This sense of community and support has been priceless to me, so thank you all.
#2 An appreciation for the various styles and blogs that are out there. I have read so much wonderful content simply because someone commented on what I had to say, or introduced me to a blog I might like. It really opened my eyes and broadened my horizon.
#3 A chance to practice my voice in writing without criticism or ridicule. I was a pleasure to weekly spill my thoughts and feeling in a genuine way, that allowed me to find my own voice.

So, thank you all for listening, commenting and caring. I will be back at some time, in some form, and I will still be reading and following your blogs I hope. Thank you again.


  1. Wow...I'm suprised and will miss reading up on your life and ideas but obviously you have thought it over alot. Let me know when you are back up and running. I am excited to see you soon and I hope that breaking from the blog will also allow you more time for your work in progress, can't wait to hear how it is coming. Love you always one more.

  2. Kate,
    This sounds a lot like what I'm feeling at the moment - especially #2 and 3. I'm going to keep on going for a while, but a break might be in order here too. I wish you well, and do hope to see you back again sometime.

    PS Your posts never seemed like they were 'thrown' together.

  3. Anne- Thank you for being such an encouraging sister and reader:) I've loved every comment you've made and I will be sure to let you know when I am back up and running.

    Deborah- How can I thank you for the constant support I've received from you? I have truly valued everything you have written here and on your own blog. I hope that you too will be able to find great joy in your writing this summer! I look forward to blogging with you again (hopefully soon). Thank you again!

  4. A hiatus sounds like a good idea. I have been on an extended one for quite a while. For me I'm not sure if blogging is going to be the mode for me. This is especially true because I post and respond biweekly for my classes at Trin. I enjoy that a bit more because the topic and readings are set. Perhaps an overall theme or outline for picking up the blog again will make it less of a chore for you. i admire your discipline and hope that you keep writing in what ever form it takes and that i am invited to read.