Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Amazing Race

If you have ever talked to me, I have probably brought up my dream of going on the Amazing Race.  Well at long last my application is actually in the queu.  I am giddy with joy just over having finished the audition video.

CBS owns the real thing I believe but here are some out takes:)

These clips remind me of one of my first parent teacher conferences when a mom sat down and said, "I just had to come to you first because my daughter tells me you have the CRAZIEST facial expressions."   Umm, thank you?...

So, you'd vote for us right?   Can we get some sort of grass roots thing going here? I mean getting this thing to go viral would really help our cause.

So give us a shout out...then when we win a million dollars you can be like, "I knew them when..."   and "Don't forget all the little people:)"  Believe me, we won't!

*Very Special Thanks to Simon Wha and his lovely fiancee for making this magic happen.  Seriously, we could not have done it without you!


  1. They are crazy if they don't take you. Even the out takes are entertaining and compelling especially us all crying playing minigolf! However, it does sound like you have nonexistent parents:)

    1. I know! That's why the clip is in out takes. We have the most AMAZING parents, you taught us everything we know about resilience, work ethic and strategizing! Oops, but no more hints at the real audition's content:)