Monday, January 18, 2010


What in the world am I doing?
I was reminded this weekend that there are no ordinary days*. Today is priceless. We know on some level that money can't buy time and yet we act like we can-as if today was an asset to be spent as we please. How foolish.
There is no sensical way to run cost analysis on creation. I remind myself of this when I start to fall for the toxic lie that writing is not a worthwhile use of my time. This sort of doubt only breeds paralysis.
It is especially hard to move and write in the face of tragedies like the one which has just devastated Haiti. I sit scared and wordless when I consider it.
But the healing, growth and creativity that writing fosters should not be ignored in times like these. It is an honor to have the rough hewn tools of words to carve out the wonder of the world we live in. There is so much worth writing about. We need only remember that our words are invaluable. They can bring life or death. We can silence them or allow them to acknowledge and validate the realities of this crazy life we live.
So, I ask myself: What am I doing today? Am I writing in the face of my fears and doubts? Am I creating something? Am I reaching beyond myself to write about what matters in this life?
*The video at this site played a big part in my reflections:

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