Sunday, September 27, 2009


“I have a million reasons why I doubt I can ever be a ‘real’ writer...” 

I penned these words in my personal reflections upon reaching the end of my final graduate course at Boston College.  To them, my professor replied, “Publication is not what makes one a writer- writing is!”

Be that as it may, publication looms large among my personal motivations.

This project, Penned but not Published, is meant to chronicle my quest for publication.  My goal as I begin is that within the year my name will be in print somewhere being read by someone.  Up till now I have not even had the courage to finish a real polished piece of writing.  I have not dared to submit my work to anyone who has not assigned it first.  

I have the following rules for myself:
-Write constantly then reflect
-Write honestly without fear
-Finish what you start
-Network, submit, take risks
-There are no shortcuts* 

My assumption is that I am not alone in this quest for writerly actualization.  I hope many people who have a story to tell, who burn with the desire to write, who long to create something authentic will visit this site.  I hope they will gather encouragement, inspiration and wisdom here.

* taken from the book by Rafe Esquith

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  1. PS to my other comments on your 'Doubt' post - I like the clean look of your blog. No distractions, just words.